Sunday, February 7, 2010

2 year milestone

He did it.  Jeffrey made it to 2 years old.  We were pretty scared for our tiny guy that arrived 5 weeks early 2 years ago.  My body was just done for.  With almost 2 times the amount of amniotic fluid I should have around this cute guy, my body gave out on him.  He was hypotonic, acidotic, and in respiratory distress. 
Praise God for Dr. Riordan!!
It was not even Dr. Riordan's night on call.  Peds was called about 4:30 for an emergency c-section.  Even the bill we received said "Ann Vangarse".   Sure enough, with our other "special" kids, instead of going home to his own family, Dr. Riordan showed up, stayed with Jeffrey much of the evening, and made arrangements to get him to Overland Park Regional NICU, where his wife is a social worker and would help oversee his care.  Besides one quick little kiss after delivery, and a wave from a distance before he left LMH, I did not get to see Jeffrey for 2 days!!  Oh how I cried my eyes out.  Chad went over with him to make sure he got settled, and was back by my side by middle of the night. Our fighter boy came home in just 7 days on Valentine's Day, nursing like a champ and gaining weight!!

Oh what a 2 years it has been... screaming fits, holding his head, low blood sugars, watery eyes, long nights, and lots of sleeping on our chest or by our side... but we've also had smiles, giggles, "Uhuh uuuh!!" ("choo chooooo!", if you don't speak Jeffrey), "ba" (ball), story times, race cars, trucks, swinging, hugs for the puppies, and lots of snuggles.

So for now we enjoy the good times, and pray for his health and what is ahead.  Jeffrey was average height and weight and appears healthy to Dr. Riordan for his 2 year check up.  We are still waiting on the MRI results (PRAY we get them in the next couple days... I'm not good at waiting!!), and see the endocrinologist again on the 16th.

Happy Birthday to my favorite J-man!!

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