Saturday, April 18, 2009

Mid April update

Have I mentioned?? I LOVE SPRING!!

*whew* I cannot sleep, yet during the day my body screams for sleep. Yeah it has been a rough month for me. Hysterectomy went beautifully on March 25th! I cannot even begin to tell you how excited I am that is over - no more monthly female issues after 22 years of hell!!

So then I came down with clostridium difficile or c-diff as it is referred to. I'm not sure my bowels will ever be the same. I will spare the awful details, but basically a bowel infection that kept me in the bathroom for about 6 days, 2 of those days hospitalized for IV fluids and medication. That was back starting March 29th, and while I'm not in the bathroom ALL day anymore, my abdomen still is tender and bowel function is painful and certainly compromised.

With that, concern about what is going on with my heart (which they found 2 days before surgery, but hopefully just a murmur that is not a problem), fibromyalgia is out of control again with the weird fluxuations in weather and rain, my days are sometimes long. I am fully determined to get healthy again as soon as possible. This is embarrassing, tiring, and feels like my life is on hold until...

On much better notes: Chad's brother and sister-in-law announced that Harley (their dog) is going to be a big brother!! Yes, my kids will finally get a cousin around the end of October!! Woohoo! We are beyond excited!

David is currently one of the managers for the West track team. He seems to really be enjoying the fellowship. This guy also has started receiving mail from universities all over for summer camps due to his amazing ACT score back in February. As a 7th grader he already scored the same as Chad did in high school (but we won't rub it in - Chad is very smart). Needless to say, the recruiting begins! We will be attending an awards banquet in June to recognize him as one of the top students in Kansas.

Kay Lee will be attending Kindergarten round-up on April 30th. I cannot believe how time flies and it is already time for this! She is so smart, talented, friendly, and READY. Kay Lee came to us last weekend and said "Mom, Dad, look! I tied my shoes!" Ready, indeed.

Aly continues to be her sweet, spunky self. I do not know how else to describe it because one minute she will curl up with you sucking her thumb and love on you. The next minute she is running like a silly girl and all I can do is PRAY that she does not run out in front of a car. I cannot keep up with her!

Sweet boy Jeffrey could not get any cuter. He has started pointing and babbling so it sounds like he really has something important to say!! It is adorable. He is literally running with his little push toy, but is still not confident enough to walk on his own.
The picture is the 3 youngest having a bonding moment right before bedtime. Jeffrey started clapping and hollering "DADADADA", so noting that mom and dad started laughing, the girls joined in on the silliness.