Thursday, June 24, 2010

Just say NO!!

JayHawk Dental 826 Iowa St.


They bill us for the overage after EVERY cleaning, even though our insurance covers 100%. When we call them on it, they say "Oops. Our bad." No... trying to get people to pay the overage. I'm not stupid.

They made us pay up front $120 towards a procedure my son had done, but insurance covered it. They won't return the money, but leave it as a credit. (Not sure they can do that.  Going to check into this.)

Charged us $117 for them to look at another of my son's teeth that didn't seem to be coming out and causing problems - D pulled it in the office to prevent the doctor from doing it. We were there 5 minutes.

Finally this past Wed. when I was sick with 102 fever, I called to reschedule my cleaning. The front desk lady was not very friendly, but I just said that I was concerned about my hygienist that is 8 mos. pregnant, and would hate to bring germs to the office. NO response and just said - "We can squeeze you in July 7th at 2 p.m.?" Today I got a nasty letter saying that I missed my appointment on 7/7/10 (?????? rescheduled date???) and if I do it again in the next 18 mos. they are going to charge me $50. Okay fine - I read that in the financial policy - is the nasty letter with the WRONG date really necessary??? Personally signed by the dentist???

Maybe I'm just in a bad mood, but I've been with this office since I was a young child.  When this new dentist bought out the office everything became all about making money. Yes the remodel of the office is gorgeous. I don't necessarily need a TV while I'm having my teeth cleaned - been doing it for years without.

Or maybe it is the healthcare manager in me that totally and completely disagrees with their practices.  The top of the letter says "In order to help maintain a good relationship with our patients..."  Okay, am I the only one frustrated by this?? This is NOT maintaining a good relationship with me.

Couldn't the front desk lady just said on the phone : "Sure! I'm sorry you are sick. I'm happy to reschedule this one at no fee. If for some reason it would happen again in the next 18 mos. you probably know that our financial policy states that a missed or rescheduled appointment with less than 24 hours notice includes a $50 fee." I would have been FINE with that. Totally understandable.

10...9...8...7...6.... *breathe*

Yes. I will be calling tomorrow to cancel July 7th at 2 p.m. and finding a new dental office. Makes me kind of sad because I really like my hygienist.